Top 29 Snowboarding Fails Crashes 201202:50

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Part 2 of a cringe-worthy collection of snowboarding bails and fails from the world’s top pro snowboarders. Getting a part in an Absinthe movie requires pushing the limits of progression and personal comfort zones. In pursuit of that progression there are plenty of slams, scorpions, tomahawks, rag dolls, close calls, and falls of every variety.
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    1. Peter Burnett
    2. Jake Widey
    3. Jins Food
    4. DM
    5. tubestick00
    6. Oh oh aye BoyYeet
    7. James Kolesnikovich
    8. Archetect_Ten
    9. Jay Walk3r
    10. IDKDREW
    11. Ryguy 222324
    12. iiOmqItzLizzie
    13. Zudral

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