Beginner Snow Skiing Lessons : Wedge Turns: Skiing Tips01:35

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A wedge turn in skiing is a turn across a hill from the wedge position. Learn how to do a wedge turn on skis in this free beginner skiing lesson on video.

Expert: Dave Smith
Bio: Dave Smith has been skiing for 21 years. He was an instructor with the Mt. Hood Meadows ski school.

Hi! This is Dave Smith with Hillcrest Ski
and Sports in Gresham, Oregon on behalf of

Expert Village. In this tutorial we will cover
beginning skiing. In this clip we’ll cover

how to make a wedge turn which is simply a
turn across the hill from the wedge position.

To do this you’ll need to understand the difference
between your uphill ski and your downhill

ski. Your uphill ski is the one that’s closest
to the top of the hill at the bottom of your

turn. The downhill ski, on the other hand
is the ski that’s closest to the bottom of

the hill at the end of your turn. From the
wedge position extend your knees and transfer

the majority of your weight onto the ski that
will become your downhill ski at the bottom

of the turn. Steer your skis across the hill
until your skis are almost perpendicular to

the hill and you slow to a stop. At first,
just try making one turn in one direction.

Then, enter the wedge position and try making
a turn the other direction coming to a stop

upon completion. Once you master this try
linking some wedge turns keeping your speed

in between turns.

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